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Toronto-born Mimi Oz says her wide curiosity of music and desire to not be confined might be connected to buying and listening to 5000 LP’s while she was studying audio engineering. With a unique sound and ability to hop between and blend genres, Oz is unconfined in her approach. A jazz-influenced folk songwriter, her writing often revolves around intertwined themes of love and politics that channel ’50s and ’60s pop, gospel, soul, rock ’n’ roll and punk.


Her debut album Three Of Swords was released in 2011, produced and co-written by Canada’s Bob Wiseman. Her self-produced sophomore album, Men Who Never Loved Me, was funded by the Ontario Arts Council (OAC), touring Canada, the USA and Europe in 2016. 


Since 2013 Oz has explored the US market, growing roots within New York’s “Anti-Folk” music scene, where she formed the NY rock group “Rooster”, as well as joining the new wave rock group “The Come On” (Mother West Publishing Co), lead by New Yorker Sam Barron. She shifted her focus and began to create content reflecting the current American socio-political climate, 


Her heart is set towards her most recent EP Firefly, slated for release winter 2023. Recorded in Brooklyn, the electronic project features production by analog junkie “Left Pop”.


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